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Wedding Program Basics: Tips on What to Include and Where

By Karly Andersonwedding ceremony program ideas and what to includePhotos courtesy of Seeley Photography (left) / Rachel Ann Photography (right)

As couples start to plan and put together details for their wedding ceremony, most opt to include a wedding program that guests can use as a guide throughout the service.

Although optional in most cases, a wedding program not only serves as a keepsake for the bride and groom after their wedding day has passed, but it also provides useful information to family and friends about the special details that the couple has chosen to include in the ceremony.

Regardless of the size or type of wedding ceremony you are planning, rules and tips to follow when putting together a wedding program.

wedding ceremony program ideas and what to includePhotos courtesy of Robyn Photography

Think of the program as an outline for the ceremony. This is an easy way to organize how the ceremony details should be listed in the program.

Keep it to a maximum of four pages or sides. Standard wedding programs include a cover, two-page inside spread, and a back cover. This is more than enough adequate space to include the important details, as well as any additional unique extras that are important to the couple.

The fewer the words, the better. If you have chosen readings to be read at the ceremony or if the presider has prepared a special prayer or blessing, do not include these in the program since you want your guests to listen and be present in the moment.

Keep it simple. The program doesn’t need to be printed on expensive paper or have a number of elaborate fonts to make it a worthwhile addition to the ceremony. Stick to two or three fonts, and ensure the format is consistent throughout the program.

wedding ceremony program ideas and what to includePhoto courtesy of Abbi Triphan Photography

Now that you’ve established some guidelines, it’s important to put the right information in the right place.

Program cover: Bride’s and groom’s names; date, time and location of the ceremony.

Inside spread, left page: Names of the presider, bride’s and groom’s parents and grandparents, if applicable; wedding party, including ushers; readers, and musicians.

Inside spread, right page: Order of service, including song titles and composers’ names, and the name of the scripture or reading.

Back cover (optional): Explanation of social custom or religious tradition; recognition of loved ones not present at the ceremony; and a thank you from the bride and groom.

With these guidelines and tips, you’re sure to make a wedding program that not only suits the theme and feel of your wedding ceremony, but one that guests also will admire and not soon forget.