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Wedding Invitation Tips from a Pro: Design Squirrel

SO many couples don’t even know where to begin when it comes to the wedding invites and it’s such a crucial part in setting the tone for your wedding day and keeping your guests informed. I caught up with Connie Hong, owner of Design Squirrel based in Eastern Iowa, who is giving us some pointers on timing, common mistakes, costs, and the must have info you should be including for your guests.

When it comes to the most common mistake couples make for invitations it’s the amount of text that can make or break your wedding invites, says Hong. “Too much text can cause the important information to get lost (and just look messy), and too little text can leave the guests with not enough direction. The key is to find the balance between the two; to be concise, but informative.”

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Timing is a question I always hear from couples when it comes to sending out invites and save-the-dates. When do we send them? How early is too early? Although the most common timeline consists of sending save-the-dates 4-6 months prior to the wedding and sending your formal invitation approximately 8 weeks before the wedding date to give yourself a comfortable cushion; Connie believes there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way of doing things. Shorter engagements have become more popular, and Connie says she’s seen the entire process carried out successfully within a much shorter time frame, so don’t fret if you’re “behind” on the traditional schedule. Be sure to let your designer know your timeline in advance, so they will be able to work with you on everything. Also, if you’re having a destination or holiday wedding you’ll want to be sure to plan a timeline that gives your guests ample time to save for the festivities or plan their trip ahead of schedule.

As far as timing for sending out a second round of invites to your B-List; you’ll want to make sure you don’t send those out too late or your B-List guests may wonder why they received the invite late or why they don’t have that much time to reply, says Hong. She says the best plan is to rank your B-List and start sending them out as soon as you find out if some A-List guests cannot make it.

Budget, budget, budget. We hear it all the time during the planning process and it’s no different with the invites. The cost of invites and other wedding paper products really depends on what you’re wanting design wise, and what your overall budget allows. Connie says you can work with your designer to find something that best fits your needs without breaking your wallet. Design Squirrel’s packages include the standard wedding invitation and response card, but can also be spruced up even more with a custom map, reception card, and anything else you would like to include. Connie also offers your return address pre-printed on envelopes. For those that don’t mind spending a little more on addresses; custom calligraphy is a common trend and looks timeless and elegant. I’m a huge fan of Chevrons and Champagne’s custom calligraphy services.

chevrons and champagne davenport iowa wedding calligraphyCalligraphy: Chevrons and Champagne | Photo Credit: Green Feather Photography/ Mae Small Photography (Left) | Katharyne Dunn Photography (Right)

Some of the must-have items Connie suggests couples should be including in their invitation is information about the reception, a link to their wedding website if they have one, the response deadline, and how your guests should respond. You’ll also want to be sure to include the total number of invited guests for each invitation. Otherwise, your guests may wonder if they can bring a plus one or whether their kids are invited, says Hong. If you’re looking for a more traditional invite, you may also want to add who is hosting the wedding, such as parents.

When it comes to other important paper details, Design Squirrel also offers custom ceremony programs, place cards, table numbers, and menus. Having a personal designer for your wedding can expand your options instead of being limited by what you can buy online, says Hong.

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Starting the search for your invites and paper products? Feel free to contact Connie to help create a custom wedding look for your big day!

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